Our International Partners



The NeuroPower framework intertwines neuroscientific, behavioural and psychological perspectives into a model that addresses complex issues of the mind and business. It integrates historically siloed, and often contradictory, schools of thought in an insightful and practical way.

As a leading behavioural strategy firm, NeuroPower combines psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics to solve the world's complex people problems. 



Strategic Momentum Group

Strategic Momentum Group (SMG) specialises in building leadership and frontline abilities that enable organisations to manage current and future challenges. This is achieved by helping businesses apply insights about people's core needs and drivers and best practice business thinking to drive individual, team and organisational performance.



Dynamic Exchange

Dynamic Exchange is a trusted partner in corporate transformation. With over 25 years experience in senior roles in financial services and an extensive background in risk management and organisational culture, Dynamic Exchange brings best practice methodologies with optimum results.



KRE Consulting

KRE Consulting, LLC is a management consulting organisation that specialises in project and program management, process quality assurance and business architecture and analysis. 

With a focus on utilities and energy industry, KRE strives to help clients drive positive, meaningful change to achieve specific project success or large-scale business transformation. 



Sound Board Consulting

Since 2000, the Soundboard team has partnered with leaders and managers of over 250 companies and organisations across a broad range of industries. Soundboard has helped clients maximise their productivity and profitability through more effective leadership and management.