Angie Agrella
Chief Catalyst (NZ)

Angie is an experienced change catalyst, passionate about empowering individuals to be their best. She is qualified in psychology and communications and has over a decades HR, sales, management and entrepreneurial experience spanning three continents.

Angie now works with leaders in organisations to actively challenge the status quo. She is part of a global thought leader network, collectively working towards humanising work and making a positive impact on the commercial landscape. 

Angie is gifted at simplifying the complicated, strategy development and enabling courageous conversations to take place.


Peter Burow
Strategic Lead (AU)

Peter is a behavioural strategist who has developed the ground-breaking NeuroPower framework - a system explaining human behaviour through the integration of neuroscience, psychology and best practice management theory.

The NeuroPower framework is being applied in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, South East Asia, India and the Middle East. Author of numerous books and frameworks, Executive Chairman of the NeuroPower Group and a Partner of a number of consulting firms that specialise in applying the latest insights from neuroscience to leadership, team and cultural development, behavioural economics, customer research, advertising and marketing, and strategic planning.

Peter is qualified in Business Communications, Neuroeconomics, Neurofeedback, NLP, Integral Coaching and has been awarded an honorary diploma by the Maya-Lenca people of El Salvador for his work in preserving their cultural history.

Peter Burow is an expert in leadership and team development, transformational change and employee engagement. 


Antonio Chevez
Diversity and Inclusion (AU)

Antonio’s expertise spans the fields of healthcare, health education, applied health science, counseling, human behaviour and coaching.

Antonio is Chief of the Indigenous (tribal) Government of the Lenca People of El Salvador in Central America and has significant experience in building communities and creating behavioural change and engagement at a grass-roots level.

Antonio has an active role in the indigenous committees at the United Nations.

Antonio specialises in applying insights from neuroscience and integrating them with traditional engagement methodologies to build sustainable teams, communities and associations.


Zane Harris
Humanising Work (AU)

Zane Harris is a human capital specialist with a passion for teaming, social leadership and performance systems. He works with large corporations, government departments and rapidly growing private companies to apply the latest insights from neuroscience and behavioural economics to build contemporary and highly effective leadership, performance and cultural development systems.

Zane brings experience leading significant organisational development and leadership development projects with companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, IAG, Suncorp, ThoughtWorks, Emirates Airlines and others. Zane works with leaders in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany and Malaysia.


Crystal Dilworth
Systemic Thinking (US)

Dr. Crystal Dilworth is a multifaceted speaker, scientist, dancer, and choreographer. While pursuing her Ph.D. Caltech, she was cast in The PHD Movie, an independent film based on the popular web comic Piled Higher and Deeper. The film project, and subsequent work launching PHDtv in collaboration with PHD Comics, solidified her career as a science communicator. Now, she is internationally known for her work on and off camera translating and transforming the world’s innovative ideas into popular knowledge, entrepreneurial projects, commercial products, and informed consumer choices.

Dr. Dilworth is a vocal advocate for gender equity and inclusion, a TEDxYouth speaker, co-host of the television show TechKnow on the Al Jazeera Media Network, frequent guest host on Seeker Network, and co-founder and president of the Los Angeles Nerd Brigade. As a consultant to early stage startup companies and as the “Choreographer in Residence” at one the world’s leading universities, she coaches scientists and engineers in expression and communication helping them discover that how they chose to communicate about an intellectual finding is just as powerful as the idea itself.